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Arndt´s Business Club

My name is Mikael Arndt and I have been in sales the last 35 years. My mission in life is to make all businesspeople and everybody else understand what will happen if they learn how to sell as they should do. I am not only talking about money here because there are so much more. We are selling all the time and most people are worse than bad. There are so many executives that are letting their salespople get away with doing a really lousy job because they don´t think there are anyone better out there or they don´t even understand how lousy they really are.

I have been training salesreps and executives in many countries around the world. From Moscow to Maputo in Mozambique and London have people learned how to increase their sales very fast. All over Europe salespeople act in the same way when they really don´t have to. All the information they will ever need is for free on the internet but most salespople dont use it in the way they should. Arndt´s Business Club gather salesreps and executives to meet others that also wants to get better and create new habits that increase sales.

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Arndt´s Business Club

If you are new in Sweden and Stockholm or just visiting this is a perfect way to get to know our community and some great new business contacts. You are more than welcome to visit us as a guest and meet us and our members.

We have a lot of opportunities and the easiest way to find out where and when is to email Mikael Arndt at